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Fri Sep 13 13:27:42 UTC 2013

> What traditional systems have gone toxic at Noisebridge? The toxic
tradition of strict adherence to tradition? The expectation that it will
always be the same as we left it? I see a good number of people making a
good faith effort to communicate and in Rob's case, to upgrade Noisebridge
infrastrcture. It's challenging, hilarious and inspiring to be there.

off the top, recounting what i've seen since april of this year:
discussions over use of space almost always boiling down to classism;
asinine expectectations that a victim of sexual assault would show up to be
interrogated by a group including their alleged attacker who is presumed by
the loudest among us unfairly persecuted; several people in the space
taking it upon themselves to survey anyone who doesn't look like everybody
else there; an assumption, by many there, into the personal space of every
woman who enters. there's possibly more, i just woke up. the space isn't
welcoming to people who don't fit a very narrow social band -- if you fit,
it's going to be an inspiring place to do incredible work; if you don't,
every visit will be punctuated by a clear message you are not wanted or
safe here. doesn't help that any protest to that effect is written off as
drama and ignored.

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