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The company I work for has a bunch of touch panels (and a few LCD panels)
from prototyping of a product we determined would be impractical to bring
to market that we're looking to give to a good home.  They'll likely be
sent off for e-recycling if they aren't grabbed by tonight -- wanted to
give a heads up in case anyone is interested.  We've got to make it an
all-or-nothing thing though (don't have time / resources to let people pick
through stuff).

If interested, please email Malte (malte at miselu.com) to set up a time to
pick them up tonight.

Note that the LCDs we have left are (I believe) LVDS -- *not* VGA/DVI, and
interfacing may be a bit challenging (especially the "cut" ones).  I think
the touch panels all have a SIS touch controller, though not positive
(forgot to check before, and I'm working remotely today).



< 15.6 inch 2/3 cutting >
- LCD without Touch : 1
- LCD with Touch : 2
- Only Touch screen panel : 102
* Anybody who want to use them needs to implement their own driver on their
own platform.
  Touch driver is very easy, but LCD, we spent over a month for that

< 21.5 inch 1/2 cutting >
- LCD with Touch : 10
- LCD with Touch but no touch driver board : 1
- Only Touch screen panel : 1
* We have some of LCD driver boards with DVI I/F

< Else >
- 15.6 inch cutting sample(not working) : 3
- 15.6 inch before cutting : 3
- 21.5 inch before cutting : 2

"Touch screen panel" refers to just the touch overlay, not an LCD.  It's my
understanding that the touch panels all have I2C interface, except the ones
that explicitly have USB.  It's my understanding that these shouldn't be
hard to interface.

"cutting" refers to some of the displays actually being physically cut in
size by an LCD company -- it was cheaper for prototyping to have full sized
screens cut to size than to have to-size LCDs built from scratch.  The
panels work -- they are just physically smaller, though they are driven
like a full sized display.

We are looking for someone to take the entire stack at once; we're in a
pretty big crunch and really don't have cycles available to deal with
logistics / sorting / etc, but would really like these to go to a good home.


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