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Subject: H. at .PinG @ N01538R!d63 POE wiring help needed
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Hacking @ccess Point ing @ N01538R!d63!!!

Good Morning Noisebridge community,

I am currently trying to hack a Ruckus ZoneFlex 2942 Wireless AP to a Dish
networks antena dish that was donated.
I made a custom mount out of wood and can easily connect the RZF 2942 to
the center, facing the dish.

1.a) Optimaly what I want to do is negate the DC jack and connect directly
to the 10/100 POE port via a 12V / 1.0A DC Jack (wall wart) hack. I've
tried connecting the dc jack to the differernt color combinations of a
spliced cat 5 cable, and got no success for it to light up. (Is the port
disabled by default and switched on explisitly via a POE Router / the POE
router sends a command to switch the POE port on?).
1.b) If so, then it would be awesome to run the dc jack straight to the
POE port, so that both data and power go to the POE port, instead of wiring
the DC jack on ap to the ethernet.

2. How can I figure out which two pairs are tramitting and receiving, so
that I can use saulder a dc tip and wall wart, to each end of the pairs
that are not being used.

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