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Casey Callendrello c1 at caseyc.net
Thu Sep 26 00:34:34 UTC 2013

A few weeks ago, I saw a woman bring a cat in to Turing in a crate. I
told her that cats are not permitted at noisebrige, by long-standing
consensus. She tried to claim emotional support animal, which doesn't
matter (not an ADA protected class), but left without conflict.

I suspect she's back. Tell them to leave. No remorse.

On 9/25/13 3:59 PM, maestro wrote:
> i love animals...
> usually and mostly(redundant) more than 'people'...
> that being said i love having 'cool' animals in the space and look
> forward to meeting many more.
> however,
> beings bringing animals to the space and taking over
> work/study/learn/do space(s) sucks, is selfish, and inconsiderate.
> the other day we came in and some being had put another being's pit
> bull in the treehouse (booth) because the being with the dog had
> completely left the space and the dog behind on its own. this was
> apparently the resolution until the being with the dog returned (if at
> all) rendering that part of the space unusable.
> today i came in and turing was closed up (both doors) because a being
> had a cat out of a cage (i have seen this cage brought to the space
> numerous times before with a crying cat in it) running around turing
> (i saw no signs of a litter box though that doesn't really matter). i
> found this very selfish and inconsiderate. when the doors were opened
> the cat was placed in its prison which initiated it crying without end.
> additionally, the cage was located on top of a table adjacent to where
> they were working rendering it basically unavailable (at a minimum
> appearing occupied) to others whom may have wanted to come in and work
> (yes. anyone could have come in, asked, and moved it to the floor
> etc.. that is a given).
> summation:
> last time i checked NB isn't your personal animal shelter, daycare,
> surrogate daycare/supervision.
> it is unexcellent to close off ANY part of the space to use for your
> pet pen or private romper room.
> it is unexcellent and inconsiderate to leave the space and your
> animal(s) behind in the space.
> i love having animals 'that can deal' visit the space and hang out
> with everyone and it's a very kewl aspect of NB's openess. 
> please don't project your own issues or agendas onto your animal(s) or
> the space in general.
> eventually the being(s) left with said cat 
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