[Noisebridge-discuss] Hello. I think we a need a new Mission Statement.

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>A sentence that immediately comes to my mind would be something like:
>       "Noisebridge exists to lower the costs and barriers of entry into 
>education, ideation, production, collaboration and distribution of 
>technology and it's applications."

J: Thx Praveen! This is a great start. Also, i like the idea of starting 
with a single sentence-- it forces us to think about and encapsulate the 
core purpose. maybe as a community we should mold a single 
mission-sentence as a starting point.

>P: A lot of my off-time work is trying to deal with circumstances of  
>people on the margins

J: me too. I think NB should represent social change, a challenge to the 
status quo, a connection to people marginalized by tech gentrification. 
But I think Noisebridge can and should serve people on the margins 
WITHOUT doubling as a homeless shelter. Why? Because people hanging out 
in the space are too often not contributing to the space, nor bettering 
themselves, nor bettering society. So i don't see that as fostering 
social change, or empowering the disempowered. It's kind and helpful to 
them, but it's not social hacking.

>P: ...many of you may know my housing collective has been working with 
>the San Francisco Land Trust  ( http://www.sfclt.org/ ) to save our 
>house from getting converted into a condoplex

J: educating people about stuff like that is empowering. running 
homeless hacks at NB is empowering. Those are the ways i think NB should 
serve the underserved. Not by being a shelter.

>P: ...We are creating and challenging the bounds of what can be done 
>and is possible and not just technologically but socially. ...In the 
>span that I've been at noisebridge, I've seen and participated in:  
>people adding new senses in their bodies, people writing the next 
>generation machine recognition software, people making next generation 
>low cost printable circuits, people making at home gene amplification 
>technology, people grow mushrooms on a wall, people getting fucked on a 
>table by a dildo and spanked by bondage clowns, having knock down 
>intersectional fights of race and gender,  being  a technological 
>staging ground for the occupy protests, having our hacker home double 
>up as a shelter for years at a time and still function.

J: Awesome perspective Praveen. Great description of Noisebridge!
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