[Noisebridge-discuss] Hello. I think we a need a new Mission Statement.

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Mon Apr 7 03:53:45 UTC 2014

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From: "Praveen Sinha" <dmhomee at gmail.com>

>       Noisebridge exists to lower the costs and barriers of entry into 
>education, ideation, production, collaboration and distribution of 
>technology and it's applications.

Actually, i think that is beautiful, Praveen, and i would be totally 
cool with that being Noisebridge' core mission. What do you think Naomi?

Is there anybody who is against this being the core, primary Noisebridge 

Can it be a guiding arbiter for all NB decisions, policies, 
controversies, and activity in-the-space? Think about your biggest beef 
with NB, and ask "would that statement produce a satisfactory result, if 
it was the arbiter?"

Does it cover everything?

Does the existing statement already say this?
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