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Mon Apr 7 17:02:37 UTC 2014

From: "Hannah Grimm" <dharlette at gmail.com>

>My take on events that involve sex is that I should never be surprised 
>by them.

Absolutely. I recall another time a sex group did a 5mof presentation, i 
noticed there was a young child in the space. The presenter did not 
check, or provide warnings, just launched right into it. When i realized 
the content, I made a point to ask the presenter: "Is this presentation 
child safe?". The presenter answered "no", and the parents quickly 
removed their child.

The presenter's fault? No-- NB needs to disseminate it's values and 

Same as we cannot blame people living in the space, after opening the 
doors wide to anyone and everyone. Roughly throwing they and their 
belongings out on the street after the fact, as if they are criminals 
who have clearly violated nb's rules is unfair, because the rules are 
unclear, plus the open-door policy, plus possible encouragement they 
might have received from a member who supports letting people crash in 
the space.

Before hating on squatters, NB needs to own responsiblity: clarify our 
rules, adjust the open-door policy, and get all members on the same page 
about people sleeping in the space.
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