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You know what?  Take a step back.  We need to think like bigger, like
possibly owning our own space.   We also, until we have a land where we
don't have to follow the laws of the USA, that we have certain obligations.
  Things like making a nuclear reactor at noise bridge would most likely
end badly with the space closing down.  It is definitely technology and
definitely considered hacking.   Is it a good idea to do it at noise
bridge?  No.  It is unexcellent to our landlord, our community, our
neighbors and the city of San Francisco.  Ok that makes sense.  I am pretty
sure we can all agree on that.  Now think of every action you perform at
noise bridge.  Is it excellent for the community, the landlord, our
neighbors and the city of San Francisco?  Those are our immediate problems.
 If we piss off one of them, noise bridge becomes at risk for it's
existence.  I am pretty sure noise bridge's continued existence is
considered excellent.

I think we, until we own the space and are 100% sure sleeping at noise
bridge will not put it at risk, perhaps we should just not do it.  The same
goes for a lot of other behavior that is illegal in the outside world.
 This could include serving drinks from minors, making nuclear reactors,
doing drugs that are illegal in the USA, selling drugs that are illegal in
the USA, making drugs that are illegal in the USA or other actions that
could put noise bridge at risk or provide reasons for law enforcement to
close the space.  Any of those, are bad ideas.  Those are unexcellent since
they put noise bridge at risk.  For example, by allowing drugs in the
space, you are causing a problem for everyone else in the space at the same
time.  What if there is a bust that happens and then they lose their jobs?
 Their apartments?  Their significant others?  What if they now have to
deal with all these false bull crap drug charges since you were in the
wrong place at the wrong time?  What might be excellent to you might not be
excellent for everyone in the community in a literal way.  Maybe you should
announce these behaviors as you walk in the space so people can leave if
they don't want to be part of those things.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Lets talk about what
actions could put noise bridge at serious risk for existence and just agree
that they are bad ideas even without consensus.

On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 10:02 AM, Johny Radio <johnyradio at gmail.com> wrote:

>  From: "Hannah Grimm" <dharlette at gmail.com>
> My take on events that involve sex is that I should never be surprised by
> them.
> Absolutely. I recall another time a sex group did a 5mof presentation, i
> noticed there was a young child in the space. The presenter did not check,
> or provide warnings, just launched right into it. When i realized the
> content, I made a point to ask the presenter: "Is this presentation child
> safe?". The presenter answered "no", and the parents quickly removed their
> child.
> The presenter's fault? No-- NB needs to disseminate it's values and
> policies.
> Same as we cannot blame people living in the space, after opening the
> doors wide to anyone and everyone. Roughly throwing they and their
> belongings out on the street after the fact, as if they are criminals who
> have clearly violated nb's rules is unfair, because the rules are unclear,
> plus the open-door policy, plus possible encouragement they might have
> received from a member who supports letting people crash in the space.
> Before hating on squatters, NB needs to own responsiblity: clarify our
> rules, adjust the open-door policy, and get all members on the same page
> about people sleeping in the space.
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