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Tue Apr 15 04:54:43 UTC 2014

From: "Lupita Berries" <garyberries at gmail.com>

>The goal isn't to punish people. The goal is to create a safe 
>environment for people.

I completely agree. My Vision of NB is a place where the General Public 
come to participate in awesome hacks, Beginner to Advanced, using 
hardware, firware, software, bioware, edible hacks, hammers and nails, 
hammers and nails, hammers and nails, boom-da-boom. A place committed to 
self-reliance, self-organizing, and self-definition. A place where (all 
types of) Members are joined by the General Public, most days and 
evenings, to attend Interest-Group meetups, talks, and work on 
individual hacks. A place where the General Public come evenings to 
watch cool, sometimes challenging, hacking-related performances. A place 
where, at certain times, kids are guaranteed a place that's safe to be a 
kid, and other times when adults are guaranteed a place that's safe to 
be an adult. A place which is well-equipped, organized, clean, and 
decorated with art hacks and sound sculptures. A place where your stuff 
won't get stole. A place where many visitors decide to make a commitment 
to A Life of Hacking, and become Members. Other visitors make financial 
commitments to Noisebridge. A place where everyone shares a desire to 
take control over their environment, and to not be reliant on formal 
education, wealth, or credentials. A place where every type of Member 
makes an explicit commitment to the Vision and the Work. A place with 

I would marry the above Vision with Praveen's one-sentence Mission 

But maybe not everyone likes my Vision Statement. Which is why i'm 
looking forward to the Mission/Vision Workgroup.
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