[Noisebridge-discuss] Google Glass at the space?

spinach williams spinach.williams at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 18:19:09 UTC 2014

On Apr 15, 2014 10:14 AM, "Dean Mao" <dean.mao at hackerdojo.com> wrote:
> So I've used the Glass before, and it's not something that is constantly
recording.  If people wanted to record other people secretly, there are so
many other gadgets out there that will do it too.  It feels weird to ban
one specific gadget on the basis of a capability that is not used very
often.  If NB was actually worried about people recording each other, they
should ban smartphones since the video cam on phones are used more often
than any other gadget in existence.
there's a world of difference between a phone camera, which operates more
or less identically to a point and shoot camera, requiring the same
posture, the same movements, as have been in cultural practice now for
multiple generations, and are governed by the same ethics of photography.
google glass needs only be worn regularly and becomes a recording device
without any such preparation.

also re: hidden cameras and other secret recording devices: obviously upon
discovery, the devices and their bearers will be ejected from the space as
malintent can be assumed, barring a few very select circumstances.
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