[Noisebridge-discuss] Cloning 900 netbooks?

girlgeek girlgeek at wt.net
Tue Apr 22 05:12:05 UTC 2014

How far along am I?  I haven't started.    When I showed up, 4 nice 
young men were dutifully building them one by one with a Windows install 
disk, a copy of Kaspersky antivirus, and no internet to do the initial 
update of the virus definitions, and a deadline.  They made their 
deadline, the computers went out to the users.

There are two groups of users; absolute neophytes some of whom I have 
taught such exotic techniques as cntl+ c, cntl + v, to give you an idea 
of what level I'm talking about.  Touch typing is an arcane art unknown 
here.  The other group were more experienced, they still can't touch 
type, but they know how to get on the internet and download browser 
hijackers, useless background processes (many), and naturally, viruses.  
It has not occurred to either group to update their virus definitions.  
Though some notice that Kaspersky is sending them a message before they 
click it closed.

I have now gotten the OK from my manager to clean everything up. These 
netbooks are threatening a project that has nothing to do with 
computers, it is a project to teach English.
Someone commented on the 900 number.  Also part of the project was 
charging 14,000 cell phones and installing 14,000 SD cards on which we 
had loaded 14,000 copies of a set of English lessons.  That was fun.

The phones were then sent to 14,000 teachers along with speakers so that 
the teachers have audio lessons.  fyi, a primary school teacher has at 
least a 12th grade education.  And, the education system went from 
French to English in 2010 with a full 3 months to prepare.  So any 
teacher has had most, if not all of their education in French.

Thank you for the advice.  I am going to research the various different 
advice.  About the Clonezilla.  I have heard of it as a Linux based 
program.  Can I use it since the netbooks and the server are all windows?

Thanks again for the help,

On 4/21/2014 10:39 PM, Adam Turner wrote:
> That's a lot of work.  What i would do is put the cloned image on a 
> windows server on say, digital ocean and use windows deployment server 
> and install the cloned image you want to use to the systems on boot.   
> Will still require all systems to be booted with a key sequence.  
> Would probably be much quicker then to install from a USB drive.
> 900 Netbooks.  Lots of work.
> How far along are you  ?
> Adam
> =)
> On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 4:10 AM, girlgeek <girlgeek at wt.net 
> <mailto:girlgeek at wt.net>> wrote:
>     Hi All,
>     I have 900 netbooks to set up with Windows 8. Well actually, they
>     already have Windows 8 installed.  I have 900 netbooks to make
>     usable since they are Windows 8 and are being given to people,
>     most of whom have never touched a computer before.
>     I have a vague memory that a company desktop technician did some
>     manner of cloning so that all company laptops were identical.  I
>     also had the feeling that this is what the techs at bigbox
>     computer stores do when setting up a newly purchased computer with
>     all the official bloat ware.
>     I would like to format these 900 machines and perform this manner
>     of cloning setup.  Is this something that someone at NB has done
>     and can give me some tips on?
>     TYIA,
>     Claudia
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