[Noisebridge-discuss] Clean up day this Saturday - electrical infrastructure - important!

Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 04:44:56 UTC 2014

Thanks everyone for taking care of this! Suggestions below are well-intended. 

Casey wrote:
clean up any kind of daisy-chained extension cords
or power strips. It is the nature of these things to be highly entropic,
and we can't have that be permanent. 

J: can't have which? Entropy or daisy-chains? How are you going to change either one? My storage reorg was destroyed within days.  

C: avoid:
cords across traffic zones, Plugging power strips in to other power strips, Plugging extension cords in to power strips...

J: how are you going to enforce that? Most daily users are not reading this list. 

People do these things because they NEED to. How are you going to address those needs?

I say "you" because your strategy is saying this on the list. 

I suggest a more effective strategy is:

    -Address the NEEDS: install permanent outlets throughout the space  (i like hanging from above). If you don't give people an alternative they'll keep doing the old way, no matter how nice you ask or how loud you shout. 

    -to mod behaviors, require all Nb users to do a user-training. 


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