[Noisebridge-discuss] Talk on Tuesday after the meeting.

Jeff DelPapa dp at the-nerds.org
Sun Dec 7 07:21:21 UTC 2014

My schedule opened up, and I will be able to speak on this coming Tuesday,
starting after the meeting...  As a fan of late binding, you folk will be
selecting the topic sometime before I start talking, presumably at the end
of the meeting..

Your options:

"Making Maker TV, Backstage at Junkyard Wars". While Junkyard was a lot
more "real" than is typical for "reality" tv, the crew had their moments,
and the director did have roles to fill.  I have an episode of the show
that that was never shown in the US, and I will be providing running
commentary on what was really going on.


"Mechanical Artillery 101 - Yes, YOU! can be a Siege Engineer"  Despite
serious pacifistic tendencies, I have wound up building a lot of catapults
over the last 15 years.   The talk will start with a brief charge thru
2,500 years of hurling history, followed by a practical, with design and
construction tips, etc...  Start your building career by making new
mistakes, skipping the time and expense of making my mistakes all over

I don't know the ethos at your space, but many maker spaces use these talks
to lure friends of existing members to the space, and hopefully turn them
into members themselves.  If this is something you want to happen, the more
faces peering at at me the better.

Quick bio

My name is Jeff, and I have been a Maker from long before the word gained
its current fashionability.  I learned walking, the use of silverware, and
soldering concurrently (my parents claim that soldering came before the
other two).

I founded the first US team to appear on Scrapheap Challenge (what the rest
of the world calls Junkyard Wars).  I build recumbent bicycles for my own
amusement, and in the past have built some replica pre-classical musical
instruments.  I joined a catapult building team 15 years ago, and can now
honestly claim professional status, having had others pay me to make them a
catapult, more than once.

Founder, The New England Rubbish Deconstruction Society; The NERDS

This planet needs a lot more kids who think taking a lawnmower apart is more
fun than playing a videogame
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