[Noisebridge-discuss] Reminder: things keep happening

Jeffrey Carl Faden jeffreyatw at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 22:59:08 UTC 2014

There seems to be the misconception that the usual problems (sleeping,
drunkenness, storing/stealing things, etc.) have ceased at Noisebridge
since the Reboot took place. This is incorrect.

October 3: Jean-Jacques found storing things in the basement.

October 15: Matthew found sleeping and asked to leave.

November 1: Pirate Matt asked to leave due to intoxication.

November 14: Darkroom found roped off and full of technology being used for
someone's personal project.

November 24: David asked to leave.

December 9: Sid was hanging around outside.

These sorts of incidents have been occurring at Noisebridge since its
inception. What I would argue has changed since the Reboot is that people
have been much more vigilant in reporting and taking care of these issues
and not letting them fester.

The reason I bring this up is in regards to keeping the space open over the
holidays. These kinds of incidents will continue to happen until the end of
time, and they often require multiple people to prevent them. If there are
not multiple people at the space at any time looking out for this sort of
thing, then the space is at risk.

I understand that I am mostly preaching to the choir, but we need to
remember that just because Noisebridge is a do-ocracy!!! and it's full of
hackers!!! doesn't mean we're special snowflakes equipped to solve
wide-ranging cultural issues. That's not why Noisebridge exists.

Closing the space during the holidays should not be considered a "failure"
on anyone's part. Rather, it should convey the message that our community
is strong enough to know when it's not ready to "do" or "hack" too big of a
problem. And it reinforces what we've passed via consensus: that
Noisebridge does not have a responsibility to be open 24/7, but that it
should be "open as much as possible".

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