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Sun Dec 21 00:11:07 UTC 2014

Rayce is a good guy,  though we don't always see eye to eye and have
contrasting views and  styles of approach on a variety of subjects, he
is an excellent dude  with some rough edges that tend to poke people
the wrong way.

I  care about him and i think if their are people who do as well, we
can  sit down and work with him instead of against him even though it
will  not be an easy task. 

I would highly recommend that someone who  attended the Ethical Social
Engineering classes have the courage to take  some action toward this,
i am in NYC at the moment and will be glad to  collaborate from the
Hack Manhattan hacker-space regarding this issue.

Community takes  work, i am willing to work with others on this issue
from a  constructive scientific standpoint, i hope other people are

Banning is  an extreme act and it does more internal damage to a
person than most people can understand, lets not give up on Rayce and
have some faith in him.  

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