[Noisebridge-discuss] Ban is unjust, being alienated, should be discussed at a Tuesday meeting with me present!

Robert Chu robert.chu01 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 22:05:05 UTC 2014

 Hello Noisebridge Community at Large,


"Was caught living on top of the building's elevator in February-2014, and
was banned for 6 months as a warning. He was caught living in the space
again in December-2014. His health problems make it impossible to trust
what he will or not do in the future, since he is not taking care of
himself, and he has become severely disruptive to the Noisebridge
community. Rayc is no longer allowed in Noisebridge."

This is wrong and I want to discuss this at a Tuesday night meeting.

I was never living in the space in December. I did spend some nights over
night because A) No one gave me a key so I couldn't come in the morning to
start early work regularly B) let the electricians in at a reasonable hour
C) Because there were hackers actually hacking at night on projects, and
had taken the role of being responsible for NB while they were there.

Thanks for reading Noisebridge Community
Save Rayc- don't support this unexcellent; unjust ban!


Feel free to contact me
robert.chu01 at gmail.com
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