[Noisebridge-discuss] Ban is unjust, being alienated, should be discussed at a Tuesday meeting with me present!

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Mon Dec 22 04:04:26 UTC 2014

I'm strongly opposed to discussing this at a Tuesday meeting. Literally any 
other time, like maybe a SSWG meeting on Monday would be good, but if this is 
going to be discussed on a Tuesday, I've got other places to be.

On Sunday, December 21, 2014 02:05:05 PM Robert Chu wrote:
>  Hello Noisebridge Community at Large,
> https://www.noisebridge.net/86
> "Was caught living on top of the building's elevator in February-2014, and
> was banned for 6 months as a warning. He was caught living in the space
> again in December-2014. His health problems make it impossible to trust
> what he will or not do in the future, since he is not taking care of
> himself, and he has become severely disruptive to the Noisebridge
> community. Rayc is no longer allowed in Noisebridge."
> This is wrong and I want to discuss this at a Tuesday night meeting.
> I was never living in the space in December. I did spend some nights over
> night because A) No one gave me a key so I couldn't come in the morning to
> start early work regularly B) let the electricians in at a reasonable hour
> C) Because there were hackers actually hacking at night on projects, and
> had taken the role of being responsible for NB while they were there.

A) I offered RAYC a key at least a week before any of this happened and you 
turned me down. I'm pretty sure that you hadn't approached anyone else about 
getting a key either. You've been participating in Noisebridge for many years 
by now, and he should know it isn't everyone else's responsibility to read 
minds and know who wants a key. Speak up and ask for one; don't foist this 
feeling of resentment on us, please <3

B) I gave Neil an upstairs key when him and I were in the space at the same 
time. I don't think it was really communicated that he didn't get a new key 
when the lock was changed so it fell into our collective bin of "someone 
else's problem".

Normally I fight hard to keep interpersonal conflict off of the mailing lists and 
even out of the tuesday meetings, so I won't continue discussion about this 
here. However, I'm totally not wanting to deal with this at all right now so 
feel free to throw this subject at the mailing list until it sticks. Thats a 
great idea and I can in no way see anyone ever getting really tired of it and 
leaving Noisebridge because they just don't want to deal with crap that really 
has nothing to do with them.

This ain't about living at the space. Its not about who does and doesn't get 
access. Its about RAYC becoming a massive time sink for everyone when we just 
want to shut up and hack. Discussing whether or not he was living in the space 
will not cause folks to see him as less of a time-sink. Quite the opposite 
really, since now folks have to read these diatribes on discuss@ and figure out 
whether or not its something legitimate to add. It would've been great to 
discuss keeping Noisebridge open while we're gone a bit more, but whenever the 
topic came up RAYC's obsessive thoughts about the seekrit nosebridge cabal 
reared its head and we had to deal with that if any productive discussion was 
to ever be had.

I now present to you the comprehensive list of things that will get RAYC 
unbanned from noisebridge:

* RAYC proves over the next decade that he's no longer a time-sink for 

Its vague, but thats it. Sorry if anyone thought this could be lawyered out by 
finding a loophole in policies or language or something.

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