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Wed Dec 10 00:33:39 UTC 2014

This is awesome. I wholly support this idea!
On Dec 9, 2014 12:47 PM, "Maer Ben-Yisrael" <maer at presidiohill.org> wrote:

> Hello Noisebridge,
>   I am an educator at Presidio Hill School, a progressive school here in
> the city. I am seeking a space and partners from your collective to
> participate in an interesting educational project we are planning for
> February. This is in the idea/planning stage, and open to your thoughts and
> guidance:
> A group of approximately 12 students in grades 6-8 (ages 11-13) will be
> given a design challenge which they will complete over three full school
> days February 4-6 (Wednesday-Friday). This is a special project time called
> Challenge Week, no other classes meet for three days.
> Day 1: Investigate & brainstorm
> Day 2: Design, prototype, CAD
> Day 3: Finalize object, present, and reflect.
> Students will be given a challenge (likely locally-themed, perhaps
> environmental, something authentic that they would care about and have
> useful input towards). On the first day, they would investigate the problem
> and brainstorm solutions. Next day they would design and prototype
> something that represents their solution with physical materials, then
> transfer their designs to TinkerCAD. On Day 3, we envision bringing them to
> NoiseBridge, have them 3D print their objects, then create presentations
> about their challenge and solutions to present to the rest of the school.
> The final part of the last day is reserved for reflection on the entire
> process.
> So our request/proposal to you is to recruit members to aide with the 3D
> Printing (and TinkerCAD in Day 2 if you want too, we would do that here at
> school), and then to use your space on Day 3 and show the students how to
> send their STLs to the printers, and then plan their presentations.
> (Frankly if someone were interested in participating in the entire project,
> we would be down for that, too.)
> If any of this sounds interesting to you, we would love to have your help
> and use your space. We have a small budget and would pay for the printing
> materials as well as make a donation to your organization.
> On a broader note, we are also looking to make connections for our
> afterschool Maker Club which is beginning next year as well.
> Please let us know what you think:
> Maer Ben-Yisrael - Technology Director, Maker-in-residence
> Elizabeth Goode - Librarian, Maker-in-residence
> Presidio Hill School
> http://www.presidiohill.org
> 415.213.8605 (Maer - direct)
> 415.751.9318 x105
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