[Noisebridge-discuss] Rayce Topic

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Sun Dec 21 18:22:10 UTC 2014

On Saturday, December 20, 2014 10:34:20 PM Torrie Fischer wrote:
> On Saturday, December 20, 2014 07:06:32 PM ai_n0_hat at hushmail.com wrote:
> > Community takes  work, i am willing to work with others on this issue
> > from a  constructive standpoint, i hope other people are too.
> Okay, thats great. It'd be most Excellent to do that! Everyone else is out
> of energy and really just can't handle RAYC at the space, and this was the
> second time. If RAYC comes back, I'll just walk out of the space because I
> want to hack and not figure out social justice. An effort was shared
> between Naomi, Scotty, Kevin, Patrick, Joshua, Mohammad, myself, and many
> others who do want RAYC at the space but we couldn't supply enough
> bandwidth to make that happen, so we're just kinda done with it.

After some more thinking, I feel it is worth noting that there are a lot of 
folks who do want to work with RAYC on this and get him some help. He's a good 
friend to Mohammad and myself and it'd be neat if those of us who also want to 
help RAYC got together and figured out something to do. However, its been made 
perfectly clear by some people at Noisebridge that there would need to be an 
absolutely monumental change in RAYC's life before they're comfortable seeing 
RAYC in the space again. "Monumental" as in something consistently positive 
over the next many many years. Until then, please don't misconstrue my 
feelings about him as an invitation to bring him back to Noisebridge since I 
also wish to respect the feelings of my friends and the community at large and 
will quickly ask him to leave.

I think this is be a good illustration of the dichotomy between /using/ 
Noisebridge to help people and /being at/ Noisebridge to help people.. This 
sort of discussion of what Noisebridge means to people was first floated by 
Naomi around this time last year so I'm wondering if anyone else has spent 
time to figure out what Noisebridge means to oneself :)

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