[Noisebridge-discuss] Spam on wiki help

Patrick O'Doherty p at trickod.com
Tue Dec 23 13:52:25 UTC 2014

Seems that the source for secretaribot, which I presume is the bot in
question is on GitHub. https://github.com/dannyob/secretaribot

Unsure how up to date it is. I hope to computer it into life again over
the Christmas period.


On Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 12:00:08PM -0800, Rubin Abdi wrote:
> https://noisebridge.net/index.php?title=Special:RecentChanges&limit=500
> Kinda horrible. I just blocked ‎ErbalAgreement (and inadvertently
> deleted their contribs list on their user page).
> Currently I'm slammed at work. Does anyone out there have some time and
> want to clean this up?
> Danny: Do you still have your anti-spam-bot?
> --
> Rubin
> rubin at starset.net

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