[Noisebridge-discuss] Treasurer's report for the meeting

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Wed Feb 19 03:21:18 UTC 2014

If anyone is at the meeting, and reading email, tell them that $31,517.49 is our current balance.

So, I am also honor bound to say that when I sold our bitcoins cleverly
at the top of the market a few months back, I sold them on mtgox, noted
troubled bitcoin exchange, and am currently gamely trying to get the
money out. So maybe: not so clever. (*little fistshake at libertarian

The good news is that if we cannot get the spondoolicks out, I still
have some bitcoins myself, and in the interests of fiduciary
responsibility, I will sell those bitcoins to cover Noisebridge's loss
at the hands of unregulated fly-by-night Magic The Gathering-inspired
banks. The bad news is that we might not get as much for them. I will
keep you informed as I lazily sort this one out.


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