[Noisebridge-discuss] Thursday Night Hacker Kitchen for All commences 2/20/2014 at 6pm

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Wed Feb 19 06:41:42 UTC 2014

Greetings Noisebridge Community!

First, thank all of you and each of us for our unique and blessed
company bound in a common space and interest to grow and explore.
Second, thank everyone who has shared in efforts to plan our space,
bring food, clean our space, manage our meetings, attend the gate
(monitoring visitors of all kinds), clean our space (again), and rest
and rejoice and create in our space. We, simply a couple arriving some
months ago are grateful for the feedback and the space you provide.
You have been gracious to eat the food, or not, we and others have
prepared out of the possibility of imaginations of all of our own,
yours, ours and All. You are warmly invited to a simple meal of soup,
salad, pasta with tomato sauce and no less but coffee and tea of
course. Dinner is open at 6:00 pm for the price of washing your dish
and cup.

We wish to generate a spirit of cooperation and increased community. A
suggestion box will be placed on the counter where dinner is served,
as it has been regularly lately. This is as are many things at
Noisebridge, a work in progress. This means that while some of us may
take the initiative-- simply stated-- to generate a common interest in
shared food for the sake of better utilizing the space we are
generously provided openly here at Noisebridge, it does not mean that
anyone such as ourselves, here in the kitchen, are in any way in
control of anything other than to show up ourselves to cook and to
offer the simple request of you --to wash your own dish you use--
kindly and PLEASE. Thank you for hearing our intention of goodwill and
sharing this cooperative effort, or not. This is optional as it has

However, your suggestions will be considered in a valuable way. Please
label them under the following three categories and stick to this
focus as not to overwhelm your volunteer chefs.  Three slots will be
provided with index cards. These suggestions should be for the purpose
of creating a more sustained and positive use of the space we have
here at Noisebridge, namely the ever famous kitchen! (1) We would like
to know if you want to be fed here in an economic and healthy manner
at a regular time and how specifically. (2) We want to know if or what
you would be willing to contribute for this, if so how? (3) We want to
know if you feel you could see this idea as a valuable part of your
comfort or experience at Noisebridge and how.

Over the past months recently we cooked unwanted items and we
purchased our own as well as left behind contributions. We listen to
you and learned. Thank you. We mixed and matched food items. You gave
valuable feedback such as, "Is it vegan?" and "Is there coffee?" and
""That chai is yummie", even though it lacked necessary ingredients
and was hacked like all else here at Noisebridge. We learned that
spicy usually is hot, meaning good and wondered if we would be able to
provide options with what we have. Yet, you were generous to provide
smiles and sometimes hugs and space of course even if you disagreed.
Thank you so very much. All this matters.

We think there is plenty of free and fresh food available in this
world class city and the matter of getting it here is in your hearts
and hands.


Your Volunteer Noisebridge "Chefs" a.k.a. Hacker Chefs,

Tazma and Frederic
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