[Noisebridge-discuss] ToorCamp 2014

Ben Kochie ben at nerp.net
Mon Feb 24 08:13:57 UTC 2014

Hey everyone who likes to go camping and hack.

ToorCamp[0] will be this year, July 9-13.  At the same location as it was 
last time, Hobuck Beach Resort in Neah Bay, WA.

I'll be traveling to ToorCamp with Milliways folks.  I'm planning to bring 
back the DramaCafe[1] working together with the Milliways crew.

I'm planning to organize most of the shopping and equipment work out of 
Seattle so we don't have to haul as much stuff from CA.

If you're interesed in helping out with the kitchen, let me know.

Otherwise, start planning your ToorCamp projects!

[0]: http://toorcamp.org/node/32087
[1]: https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Toorcamp_2012/DramaCafe


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