[Noisebridge-discuss] Doracacy

Scotty Allen scotty at appmonsta.com
Thu Jan 9 04:27:50 UTC 2014

>> Buying us a set of rad lockers with your own money, however, is pretty
>> excellent.
> Al's enthusiasm and energy to improve NB is excellent.  Thank you, Al.
> But, I believe in the long-term, people going off and spending hundreds of
> dollars, and then asking to get paid back, is not a sustainable fiscal
> algorythm, were we to apply it to everything. I feel the potential drawbacks
> to lockers were not adequately discussed beforehand, and undoing it might
> not be as easy as we think.

Johny, are you seriously arguing that Al should have to gotten
approval from a committee before deciding to spend his own money on
something he's giving to Noisebridge?  REALLY?

As far as I can tell, the main reason you're upset about the lockers
is that you would have rather that Al spent his $500 on electronics
parts instead (because you didn't get any donations when you asked a
few months ago).  You, nor anyone else at Noisebridge, gets to tell Al
how he spends his money.

Noisebridge has a long history of doocracy, particularly when it comes
to members buying $expensive_awesome_things and asking for voluntary
donations from other members to help offset the costs.  It's how
things like the vinyl cutter and laser cutter exist, and probably lots
of things in the dirty shop (though I'm not actually sure).

If you don't like how Al spent his money, don't contribute any of your
money to help pay him back.  He's not asking Noisebridge to reimburse
him, nor does it sound like he did this with the expectation he'd be
fully reimbursed.

In the meantime, please stop attacking Al for taking a ton of
initiative to do something that seems like a pretty good experiment at
the very least, and which might turn out to be a solution to one of
the HUGE problems facing Noisebridge which is the "we can't have nice
things" or leave nice projects in the space.



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