[Noisebridge-discuss] Doracacy

Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 04:49:16 UTC 2014

On 1/8/2014 8:27:50 PM, "Scotty Allen" <scotty at appmonsta.com> wrote:
>Johny, are you seriously arguing that Al should have to gotten
>approval from a committee before deciding to spend his own money on
>something he's giving to Noisebridge?

No, i'm not saying that. If Al is asking to get paid back, that's not a 

>the main reason you're upset about the lockers
>is that you would have rather that Al spent his $500 on electronics
>parts instead

yes-- i believe noisebridge fundamentally NEEDS electronics parts, drill 
bits, etc more than noisebridge fundamentally needs lockers. Does anyone 
disagree with that?

>Noisebridge has a long history of doocracy, particularly when it comes
>to members buying $expensive_awesome_things and asking for voluntary
>donations from other members to help offset the costs.

NB also has a history of problems, and people are now exploring new 
processes to prevent those problems. I am speaking in terms of future 

i think NB should have a budget for important purchases. I think relying 
on the unpredictability of donated gear is not a reliable way to keep 
the place properly equipped. Result: no tools, no parts. That's the 

i have purchase several things for Noisebridge, like a drill arbor 
(because there were none). I never asked to get paid back, and i didn't 
ask people to give me money for it-- it was a donation.

>He's not asking Noisebridge to reimburse him,

"It'd be awesome if people want to help compensate me by giving me cash, 
including Noisebridge itself."

He said he knows he might not get paid back, so that's cool.

>please stop attacking Al

ok. I'm talking about sustainable systems for the future.

>might turn out to be a solution to one of
>the HUGE problems facing Noisebridge which is the "we can't ....leave 
>nice projects in the space.

I have often advocated for a solution to this problem, i feel the pain 
of this problem all the time at nb, when i have no place to store 
projects. So i know about this problem. None of my projects would be 
appropriate to store in a long, tall gym locker with no shelves. I feel 
it's an inappropriate solution to the problem.

Lockers which people can rent by the month are a great place to store 
sleeping bags, drug paraphenalia, weapons, moldy food, and stuff stolen 
from other peoples' lockers. You can't see what's inside them.

You speak as if i've never done anything to contribute to the 
noisebridge community, and as if i'm just trying to cut down another 
person. Neither is true.


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