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Scotty, I believe you're probably wasting your time replying to Johny here.
 I had a long private email to Johny using the same identical points that
you made yourself in the other lockers thread, but I think he's dead set in
his ways and no discussion will change that.

On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 9:51 PM, Scotty Allen <scotty at appmonsta.com> wrote:

> > No, i'm not saying that. If Al is asking to get paid back, that's not a
> > donation.
> It's currently a donation, unless individuals or Noisebridge decides
> to pay him back.  Asking for contributions to offset part of his
> donation doesn't make it not a donation.
> > yes-- i believe noisebridge fundamentally NEEDS electronics parts, drill
> > bits, etc more than noisebridge fundamentally needs lockers. Does anyone
> > disagree with that?
> I think you're setting up a false dichotomy here.  We're talking about
> Al's money, which he chose to spend on lockers.  He could also choose
> to spend money on drill bits or electronic parts, if he's feeling
> generous.  Or not.  Or you could donate money for drill bits or
> electronic parts.  Or someone else could.  The fact that Al spent
> money on lockers doesn't mean squat about buying electronic parts and
> drill bits.  If you think that's needed then chip in some money, and
> convince some others to do the same.  But let's separate it from the
> lockers issue, or anyone else's choice to spend their money buying
> cool stuff for Noisebridge.
> But, for what it's worth, I think the "we can't trust nice things to
> not wander off" is a far larger problem than "We don't have the
> correct consumables around for various projects".  In fact, I think to
> some extent the former prevents solution to the latter.  If I had to
> choose, I'd much rather have a noisebridge where people were working
> on a bunch of awesome projects than one that had a full supply of
> drill bits and electronic parts. Fortunately, I don't think we need to
> make that choice.
> >> He's not asking Noisebridge to reimburse him,
> >
> > "It'd be awesome if people want to help compensate me by giving me cash,
> > including Noisebridge itself."
> > https://noisebridge.net/index.php?title=Locker_FAQ&oldid=37879
> I didn't see this.  The rest of that paragraph, from the link you sent
> is "But I also know that I might not getting any compensation at all.
> I entirely accept that risk."
> It looks like you've subsequently edited the FAQ to remove this, and a
> bunch of other responses he made to you on the mailing list, which
> seems pretty unexcellent.
> What I did see was his email announcing the lockers, Al wrote:
> "Noisebridge isn't paying for them, I found a really great deal on
> craigslist and had to act fast so it's coming out of my pocket (if
> you'd like to help reimburse me for the $500, that'd be great.
> Normally these are $500 or $600 per bank, even used.)"
> I very much read the whole situation as Al saying "If people and/or
> noisebridge want to reimburse me that would be awesome, but if not,
> consider it a donation".
> Al, if you don't see it this way, and are seeing this is as a loan to
> Noisebridge and expect to be fully reimbursed, well, I guess you'll
> need to speak up about that/propose something for consensus:)  In the
> meantime, if/when we ever meet in person, I have $20 I'd like to
> contribute toward the lockers.
> >> please stop attacking Al
> >
> > ok. I'm talking about sustainable systems for the future.
> If you want to start a constructive conversation about pooling funds
> to buy things you think Noisebridge needs, then go for it.  But it
> should be a separate conversation from Al's decision to donate
> lockers.
> >> might turn out to be a solution to one of
> >> the HUGE problems facing Noisebridge which is the "we can't ....leave
> nice
> >> projects in the space.
> >
> > I have often advocated for a solution to this problem, i feel the pain of
> > this problem all the time at nb, when i have no place to store projects.
> So
> > i know about this problem. None of my projects would be appropriate to
> store
> > in a long, tall gym locker with no shelves. I feel it's an inappropriate
> > solution to the problem.
> Great, then build, buy, or code something else that you like better.
> This is a doocracy, remember?  Creating something better speaks far
> better than shitting all over something someone else has done.
> > Lockers which people can rent by the month are a great place to store
> > sleeping bags, drug paraphenalia, weapons, moldy food, and stuff stolen
> from
> > other peoples' lockers. You can't see what's inside them.
> >
> > You speak as if i've never done anything to contribute to the noisebridge
> > community, and as if i'm just trying to cut down another person. Neither
> is
> > true.
> I never said anything about your contributions.  I think you've done
> some really awesome things at NB.  But that doesn't give you an excuse
> to be shitty to other people.
> I am quite bothered by your ongoing attack on Al about the lockers,
> and would really like it if you stopped, took a deep breath, and found
> a more constructive way to engage.  I can't speak for how he feels,
> but if I were in Al's shoes, I would be really discouraged right about
> now, and not at all in the mood to continue trying to make NB a better
> place.
> Respectfully,
> Scotty
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