[Noisebridge-discuss] Doracacy

Scotty Allen scotty at appmonsta.com
Thu Jan 9 05:51:22 UTC 2014

> No, i'm not saying that. If Al is asking to get paid back, that's not a
> donation.

It's currently a donation, unless individuals or Noisebridge decides
to pay him back.  Asking for contributions to offset part of his
donation doesn't make it not a donation.

> yes-- i believe noisebridge fundamentally NEEDS electronics parts, drill
> bits, etc more than noisebridge fundamentally needs lockers. Does anyone
> disagree with that?

I think you're setting up a false dichotomy here.  We're talking about
Al's money, which he chose to spend on lockers.  He could also choose
to spend money on drill bits or electronic parts, if he's feeling
generous.  Or not.  Or you could donate money for drill bits or
electronic parts.  Or someone else could.  The fact that Al spent
money on lockers doesn't mean squat about buying electronic parts and
drill bits.  If you think that's needed then chip in some money, and
convince some others to do the same.  But let's separate it from the
lockers issue, or anyone else's choice to spend their money buying
cool stuff for Noisebridge.

But, for what it's worth, I think the "we can't trust nice things to
not wander off" is a far larger problem than "We don't have the
correct consumables around for various projects".  In fact, I think to
some extent the former prevents solution to the latter.  If I had to
choose, I'd much rather have a noisebridge where people were working
on a bunch of awesome projects than one that had a full supply of
drill bits and electronic parts. Fortunately, I don't think we need to
make that choice.

>> He's not asking Noisebridge to reimburse him,
> "It'd be awesome if people want to help compensate me by giving me cash,
> including Noisebridge itself."
> https://noisebridge.net/index.php?title=Locker_FAQ&oldid=37879

I didn't see this.  The rest of that paragraph, from the link you sent
is "But I also know that I might not getting any compensation at all.
I entirely accept that risk."

It looks like you've subsequently edited the FAQ to remove this, and a
bunch of other responses he made to you on the mailing list, which
seems pretty unexcellent.

What I did see was his email announcing the lockers, Al wrote:

"Noisebridge isn't paying for them, I found a really great deal on
craigslist and had to act fast so it's coming out of my pocket (if
you'd like to help reimburse me for the $500, that'd be great.
Normally these are $500 or $600 per bank, even used.)"

I very much read the whole situation as Al saying "If people and/or
noisebridge want to reimburse me that would be awesome, but if not,
consider it a donation".

Al, if you don't see it this way, and are seeing this is as a loan to
Noisebridge and expect to be fully reimbursed, well, I guess you'll
need to speak up about that/propose something for consensus:)  In the
meantime, if/when we ever meet in person, I have $20 I'd like to
contribute toward the lockers.

>> please stop attacking Al
> ok. I'm talking about sustainable systems for the future.

If you want to start a constructive conversation about pooling funds
to buy things you think Noisebridge needs, then go for it.  But it
should be a separate conversation from Al's decision to donate

>> might turn out to be a solution to one of
>> the HUGE problems facing Noisebridge which is the "we can't ....leave nice
>> projects in the space.
> I have often advocated for a solution to this problem, i feel the pain of
> this problem all the time at nb, when i have no place to store projects. So
> i know about this problem. None of my projects would be appropriate to store
> in a long, tall gym locker with no shelves. I feel it's an inappropriate
> solution to the problem.

Great, then build, buy, or code something else that you like better.
This is a doocracy, remember?  Creating something better speaks far
better than shitting all over something someone else has done.

> Lockers which people can rent by the month are a great place to store
> sleeping bags, drug paraphenalia, weapons, moldy food, and stuff stolen from
> other peoples' lockers. You can't see what's inside them.
> You speak as if i've never done anything to contribute to the noisebridge
> community, and as if i'm just trying to cut down another person. Neither is
> true.

I never said anything about your contributions.  I think you've done
some really awesome things at NB.  But that doesn't give you an excuse
to be shitty to other people.

I am quite bothered by your ongoing attack on Al about the lockers,
and would really like it if you stopped, took a deep breath, and found
a more constructive way to engage.  I can't speak for how he feels,
but if I were in Al's shoes, I would be really discouraged right about
now, and not at all in the mood to continue trying to make NB a better



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