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If he's ever around the space again, I'll introduce you to David. He was a
3D artist employed at a studio who left his job to work for Alex. The
agreement was that Alex would match his previous salary. After 3 months,
David was only paid for one month, and less than what they had agreed on.
David finally realized he wasn't going to ever see a check, and quit. The
thing is, this was only a couple months after the Kickstarter, so Alex had
plenty of funds. David will also tell you how Alex's personality made him
difficult to work with, how he took credit for other people's work, and
basically exploited people who really believed in the project. There were
several people who worked with him, got fed up, and then left. He's always
recruiting new people.

Meanwhile, Alex has no accounting whatsoever for how the $170,000 he
received was spent. He didn't even reveal it was all gone until half a year
after the fact.

If he wants to help train new teachers in Unity or lead some classes,
that's great. But as soon as he asks them to contribute to Code Hero,
that's when people need to politely and firmly tell him No.


On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 4:09 PM, jarrod hicks <hicksu at gmail.com> wrote:

> I was not aware of troubles with the Code Hero project, that is a bummer.
> As far as being a positive example, contributor, and someone who
> should have the nerve to be at Noisebridge. Alex was one of those who
> stepped up when my partner asked the Noisebridge community for help
> showing her physics students the wonders and possibilities of
> Noisebridge, and in turn the greater hacker/maker community. He worked
> with rotating groups of her students and within 20 - 30 minutes he had
> them making games and seeing the basic possibilities of programming
> that many of them were not aware of. Alex, and all those who helped,
> showed Noisebridge at its best that day, and my ongoing commitment to
> this space/community is in large part because of people like Alex.
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