[Noisebridge-discuss] fix the downstairs door closer and add a buzzer

Jake jake at spaz.org
Tue Jun 24 00:43:21 UTC 2014

here are some things you can do to solve the security problem around 
closing access noisebridge in the near term:

1. adjust, repair or replace the automatic door closure mechanism on the 
downstairs gate:

this device is for pushing the door shut, FAR ENOUGH TO LATCH, in a way 
that doesn't slam the door shut suddenly.  When adjusted properly, it will 
ensure the latch clicks every time, assuming nothing is propping the door 

2. install a sensor to detect if the door is fully latched.  this should 
be a button which feels if the door is in the position of being fully 
closed.  it won't be able to detect if paper is wadded into the latch, or 
the open-handle is taped or propped into the open position, but it's 
something.  If done right, it will not be able to be fooled at all.

3. wire that sensor to a chime that goes off continuously in the upstairs 
space when the door is open.  This is the only way to monitor and deal 
with incidents of the door being propped open.  This sensor should also go 
to a computer so that scripts can notify interested parties of when 
exactly the door is being opened.

keep in mind that this is easier than an attempt to "lock" the upstairs 
door. (which is inappropriate considering the realistic need for sudden 
mass escape)

It is definitely easier when you remember that the elevator can access the 
third floor even if the door there is locked.

It is also high time that noisebridge do something about the lack of 
effectiveness of the gate latch.  The time to do something about it is 

I am willing to assist others with some of these repairs.


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