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Very well said...
May I quote it in the future please?

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On Monday, March 17, 2014, LinkReincarnate <linkreincarnate at gmail.com>
> Spinach,
> Censorship is outlawing steak because a baby cant chew it.  -random
internet quote
> Just because you don't have the stomach for those types of jokes doesn't
mean others should not be allowed to tell them. Just because you dont like
the word female doesn't mean you have the right to publicly shame and
ridicule people who use the word. Why should you get your way instead of
them having theirs? Because you're right? They think the same thing so you
are now back a square one. There are plenty of rape survivors that don't
have a problem with jokes of this nature.  I can introduce you to a few if
you don't believe me.  For that matter it's really a stretch to say a
passing mention of the human centipede is making jokes about sexual
assault. Trust me you don't have to have a sense of humor to be at
Noisebridge there are lots of people here that prove that.  But why should
other people be forced to neuter theirs?  What gives you the right to
dictate that to others how to think and what to say.
> AFAIK sexual assualt happened once at the space and was PROMPTLY dealt
with. Loudly, publicly, and immediately.
>  The other situation where someone was "afraid they were going to be
raped" (another case of feeling not matching reality) despite the fact that
they asked the person to perform an intimate procedure  (She may not have
wanted him to unzip her pants but was she really expecting to get  a shot
through her pants? He saw it as his performing an interim step in the
process of honoring her request and nonsexual ) and the person apologized
and  left the room as soon as he realized she was uncomfortable according
to the ACCUSER AND THE ACCUSED  (not yelling emphasizing.)  He was then
harrassed until he no longer showed up and had his career fucked up by the
group think at Noisebridge.  So even though you didn't get what you wanted
de jure you got it de facto and the guy isnt around anymore.   Even the
person accusing him of sexual assault was appalled by the response from
Noisebridge and wanted it dropped.
> How many people do you think stopped coming to Noisebridge out of fear of
being smeared all over the internet over a misunderstanding.
> Please explain to me how harassing everyone about using the word female
or banning someone at the mention of the human centipede would have
prevented either of these.  Cause I cant see how.  People fucking know
sexual assault, and rape is wrong and making a guy type womyn instead of
female wont stop it.  It will piss a lot of people off and make them not
want to be around though.
> You are not preventing attacks you are unsubtly working out your angst
against men by needling them on their mannerisms, speech, and even their
desire to assist the Feminist cause. You are the sexist here.  I bet you
wont spend once second though following your own advice and checking your
own behavior for sexism.  After all everyone knows only men rape. Only men
are violent.  And we set up all of society to only benefit us.  That's why
the default relationship is monogamy, men account for 92 percent of all
workplace deaths, and men are less likely to graduate from college.
 Because we control it all.  You can go back to your pithy thoughtless one
line replies now, I'm out.
> *drops mic*
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