[Noisebridge-discuss] why would hackers come to noisebridge?

Elizabeth Hubbard emhubbard28 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 06:21:59 UTC 2014

Spinach wrote,
nice to know victims of sexual assault now equal babies. many of us aren't
friends, there's no rapport, there's no familiarity, incidents of assault
have happened multiple times and harassment has been a lot more common than
that -- that's an actively hostile space, and these are jokes at the
expense of victims which only justify the further depersonification of all
women who come to hack.

In response,
Au contraire, many of us are friends, some are male, there is rapport and
should be more of it, and some are more outspoken than others.  And I've
kind of been wanting to start like The Avengers or something, just think
about it, we don't have to argue.  Forewarning, a lot of us don't call
ourselves victims (just because of the stigma attached to the word), and I
know I make really fucked up jokes; can't help it, it's like Tourette's.
 There's a Noisebridger who would say (Norman Bradley, I sure hope it's
alright that I quote him), "The reason why so many comedians got into
stand-up was because they couldn't afford group therapy."  Which is my
assumption as to why people make these kinds of jokes, it's a Freudian
PTS-slip.  School was way more rape culture than Noisebridge, at least
where I went to school.  The jokes are a symptom of the problem, not the
problem itself.  Treating a symptom but not the problem is problematic and
squelches the free speech of our demographic and makes people who seem very
obviously just like us in that aspect ashamed for having ever spoken of it.
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