[Noisebridge-discuss] why would hackers come to noisebridge?

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Tue Mar 18 06:33:35 UTC 2014

nice to know victims of sexual assault now equal babies.

A swing and a miss. It's a metaphor.  There aren't any babies. No babies
here. No steak either.

You talk a lot for other people and seem to think the every victim of
sexual assault lives their lives in fear of possibly hearing an off color
joke. And that someone using a word you don't like constitutes a hostile
area.  Your opinion is your own and not representative of everyone's.

and these are jokes at the
expense of victims

Oh I'm sorry I forgot about the tragic Human Centepede victims at
Noisebridge.  How could I have been sooo insensitive to their needs.
 You're right, I am a monster.

incidents of assault
have happened multiple times and harassment has been a lot more common
than that.

Please point me to the specific complaints. Multiple can be 2-infinity. I
have not seen or head of a lot of harassment.  I said there were two
incidents. 1 genuine case and one misunderstanding (others may disagree
with that categorization but none of us were there so we are all sort of
guessing) but that's all that I know of.  Did I miss some?

If how you categorize the state of Noisebrridge is true then it is a
problem. And it needs to be dealt with. By getting rid of the people doing
it. No one should be harassed while they are here.  But I have a feeling
that the numbers have been run through the grapevine and exaggerated.  I
don't see Noisebridge as a place where people fear for their lives and
bodily integrity.  That is so far away from what actually goes on in the
space.  Furthermore that narrative keeps people away from the space.  It is
damaging and needs to stop.  Don't stretch the truth and paint a false
picture of danger, harassment, and misogyny to would be Noisebridgers.
 It's just not the case.

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