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I don't get it. Why are some men so invested in being called feminists and
not okay with just being an ally? How come such a woman specific movement
gets attacked for this, but other people respect it when other groups do
it? Like I'm not black, so I know I can never be a black panther, and that
is okay, even though I support many of the ideals of the black power
movement and try to be as supportive of black people as I can.

The thing where modern feminism went wrong is when they started talking
about equality. I don't want equality, I was liberation. Equality means
being like men, and I kind of don't want women to rape and murder at the
same rate as men. I rather them just have liberation to be free and
actualized people. If men happen to benefit from feminism too, that's cool,
but that's not my focus.
A liberation movement must be lead and created by the oppressed group.
Within feminist theory, that is women. Therefore, only women can truly be
involved in the movement, and non-women can best help out by being
supportive but leaving the main space for women.

How is that a hard concept to respect, unless you keep to your male
socialization and demand to enter every space women try to create, and
can't accept the word "no" from women. In which case, you shouldn't be
welcomed because you have alternative motives that don't involve helping

On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 9:20 PM, LinkReincarnate
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> Hannah is your cognitive dissonance so strong that you don't think Liz is
> an actual person with an actual viewpoint? Or are you just so used to your
> little echo chamber that you cannot imagine a woman in the world who
> disagrees with you?  This is the second time that she has been accused of
> being a troll for legitimately expressing her opinion.  I guess from now on
> that's how we should respond to all of your posts too.  Elizabeth is a real
> person who was expressing an actual and legitimate opinion.
> Feminists are always complaining about the tone arguement and here you are
> using it (with a dash of ad homonym) to avoid her substance.  How about you
> comment on what she said.  I am very interested to hear why men not being
> able to call themselves feminist is any less sexist than the church not
> allowing women preachers.
> Al she wasn't being sarcastic in her reply to you.  I had to explain to
> her you were being sarcastic after she posted.  She was not aware of the
> meme you were quoting.
> This is what I'm talking about you are all so wrapped up in your own
> sacred cows that you are unable to even conceive of people who would
> disagree let alone give their thoughts any contemplation.
> Noisebridge isn't for hackers anymore it's for hacks who fall in line when
> they are told.
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