[Noisebridge-discuss] Trimmed off the board list

spinach williams spinach.williams at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 16:26:46 UTC 2014

On Thursday, March 27, 2014 09:21:09 AM Ari Lacenski wrote:
> The most painful thing about this thread is watching Rachel insinuate that
> Al's disagreement and rhetoric are grounded in his supposed sexism.
> Rachel, the dick jokes are totally unnecessary. I know of no male tech
> writer who makes more of an effort to support women-'n-queers in his work.
> Can you possibly move on?
> Ari
it'd be nice if he'd do more than write about it -- using coded language, 
repeatedly, to suggest rachel and naomi are speaking irrationally, as he has 
done for the past several days, is not an active support of women in tech, nor 
is it a proper response to dissent and disagreement between mutually respected 

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