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Ceren Ercen ceren at ercen.com
Thu Mar 27 16:39:57 UTC 2014

Nah. As another woman in tech, and as one who works in a half-israeli, very
often unintentionally sexist company, I watch closely for that sort of
coded language, and weigh my responses on a daily basis.

IMO, Al hasn't been using anything I'm willing to consider him hinting at
cliche female irrationality, instead of irrational Noisebridge politics and

You do really have to make some allowances and considerations for how one
is ever supposed to criticize a irrational oppositional arguments as such,
without only hearing gendered bias. Measure out some possibility of such,
and your successful alerts about  coded sexist language will hit more
deeply, I find.

On Mar 27, 2014 12:27 PM, "spinach williams" <spinach.williams at gmail.com>
> On Thursday, March 27, 2014 09:21:09 AM Ari Lacenski wrote:
> > The most painful thing about this thread is watching Rachel insinuate
> > Al's disagreement and rhetoric are grounded in his supposed sexism.
> >
> > Rachel, the dick jokes are totally unnecessary. I know of no male tech
> > writer who makes more of an effort to support women-'n-queers in his
> > Can you possibly move on?
> >
> > Ari
> it'd be nice if he'd do more than write about it -- using coded language,
> repeatedly, to suggest rachel and naomi are speaking irrationally, as he
> done for the past several days, is not an active support of women in
tech, nor
> is it a proper response to dissent and disagreement between mutually
> peers.
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