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Thu Mar 27 21:02:28 UTC 2014

Sorry to hear that.  I'm not sure why half of the board is insisting
on hastily pushing through a membership disenfranchisement proposal,
rather than actually working directly to make Noisebridge a safer
space, which is what I was "sold" as the point of the board.  You
know, things like improving access control to the space, maybe
designating some "closed" hours, making sure there's always toilet
paper, etc.

We had a good idea (the community working group) and it's suddenly
been short circuited by a proposal that presupposes that one will
never exist.  That the membership would be able to handle all of those
unsafe situations IF ONLY consensus were replaced by voting.

But -- with respect -- the fact that all of these
Maslow's-Hierarchy-of-Needs types of issues ever get brought to
general meetings where people are arguing at each other, rather than
seeking to understand each other, is the actual problem.

Anyway, safe travels.


On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 11:53 AM, Lane Copley <lcopley at gmail.com> wrote:
> As a sensitive soul, I have to leave this discussion list for safer
> pastures.
> I wish you all luck in rescuing the good idea that was NB from all it
> currently is.
> Seriously, and I mean no troll at all (I know things do not sound nice in
> email) I would not want to live in a neighborhood where I could not keep my
> family from homeless drug addicts.  There are people and programs for that
> developed for that purpose.  NB was never intended to be a crash pad for
> junkies.  The mere idea that the unexcellent existence of this type of
> non-hacker activity in a hacker-activity space is anathema to me.  The fact
> that it has been allowed and encouraged is pretty crazy.  The fact that
> using consensus in the face of reason to actively block attempts to make a
> safe space is reprehensible.
> I hope intelligence and good will among NB members will triumph.  I don't
> have enough invested here to try.
> --
> Lane
> Nobody listened to Cassandra, either.
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