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On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 3:10 PM, Rachel McConnell <rachel at xtreme.com> wrote:

> Something I have always found effective is to act as if I believe the
> other person is acting in good faith.  This works really really well
> because it lets them see that *I* am acting in good faith, and builds
> trust.  It is also usually true.  Mostly people ARE acting in good faith
> from their own point of view.  The most likely reason for someone to act in
> bad faith is that someone is accusing them of acting in bad faith (insults
> them, claims they're trolling, etc).
> Possible good faith POVs for some of the main talkers here:
> Al - has been trying for YEARS to fix the terrible problems at
> Noisebridge, more persistently than just about anyone else, and finally has
> some actual means of getting something done
> Naomi - dedicated to her responsibilities as a board member and deeply
> worried about the new board having bypassed her on a decision
> Jake A, Mitch - sad and hurt that the organization they founded is moving
> so far from the path they started it on
> Spinach, Johny, Rachel H - have strong moral and ideological beliefs that
> they work towards in all areas of their lives, fearless of others' censure
> A really important point is that everyone involved is incredibly dedicated
> to Noisebridge, which is wonderful.
> Note that there are other good faith POVs that all of these people might
> have - I have simply invented some that fit their behavior as I see it.
> And another thing, for those who think the above is naive.  Even if I
> don't really believe in someone's good faith, I will pretend to - that way
> they get plausible deniability, and they can *start* acting in good faith
> now and we don't get bogged down in accusations.  SO much faster and easier.
> Rachel1.0
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