[Noisebridge-discuss] Open question&some words- to the perp who broke a project at Noisebridge.

Oren Beck orenbeck at gmail.com
Thu May 15 06:01:27 UTC 2014

What were you thinking? Were you...thinking -at all? Ah- that's the

 I cannot get into the headspace that does such a thing . How do you feel
having heard that what you broke- was made by a young man seeking to
rebuild his life? Any remorse? Regret- or are you proud of being a
indefensible asshole?  What you broke was made by a 15 year old seeking a
better life.  He was showing us- and himself how to build Good Things.

And you broke it.  Did you even HAVE a "reason" to choose that thing for

Frankly- Maybe  I should hope for you to be "Healed"so you never again do
such senseless damage. It's damned hard for me to be that forgiving even
though forgiveness is better than your action deserves.  As you have broken
ALL our trusts! Be mindful that you shall NOT escape your Karma absent YOU
changing  it.  Your fate is in your  hands.  Unless you change your life.
Make some amends for being an asshole.

Or you shall end up reincarnating as a Urinal Mint.

Oren Beck

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