[Noisebridge-discuss] Sci-fi Maker --> Production Designer for our sci-fi film short!

Rena Yamamoto renayams at yahoo.com
Wed May 28 20:48:49 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I’m looking for a “maker” who’d be interested in interested in being our Production Designer for our sci-fi short movie. 

Our movie is a sci-fi / crime story about a pizza delivery girl who wants revenge for the murder of her father at the hands of a “punk hacker gang.” With the help of an AI, she plays a deadly initiation game in order to join the gang.

It’s Reservoir Dogs meets Hal from 2001 meets the sci-fi book Snow Crash.

You’ll design and create the AI along with some simple electronic props, including translucent cubes with controllable LEDs inside. You’ll also design the set location of our “hacker lair.” Experience with 3D printing is a plus.

This will be a great opportunity for you to combine both your technical and artistic talents to design what could be the next iconic AI.

You’ll be provided with a budget, a stipend and film credit for what will be an awesome film short!

If interested, contact me for more details: renayams at gmail.com


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