[Noisebridge-discuss] Photos from BACH Unconference

Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 13 19:56:44 UTC 2014

The Bay Area Consortium of Hackerspaces first Unconference was this weekend.  And it was amazing!
Over 100 people showed up from almost all of the Bay Area hackers to share our experiences (good and bad), eat lots of really good food, and celebrate our collectively created hacker culture.  There were discussions on what works and what doesn't at our hackerspaces, on who's welcome and who isn't at our hackerspaces, consensus process, facilitating meetings, mediating conflict, and much more.  People made lots of RGB Throwies.  People designed and printed electronic circuit boards.  People learned to solder.  We had lightning talks.  And lots of new connections were made, individual and collective.
Here's my photos from the 2-day event:
At some point there should be recordings of some of the discussions available online.  I'll post about these when they are.
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