[Noisebridge-discuss] Questions and Concerns with the Proposal to Strike All Members from the Roles

kjs bfb at riseup.net
Tue Oct 14 16:39:23 UTC 2014

Dear Noisebridge,

It was proposed last week that Noisebridge should strike all members
from the roles [0]. The reasons stated include [1]:

1) We have 40 or so people who essentially have, "stock options in a job
they never show up to work for".

2) The only power w/ membership is consensus-blocking ability. The
observed behavior is people sending in "proxy blocks" without having
been present for discussion. Some are great, some are bullshit.

3) What does it mean to have 50ish members that never show up or who pop
in every now and again?

My questions and concerns:

1) To add a new member to the roles requires two member sponsors and the
consensus of Noisebridge. What's the kernel to repopulate the member
roles w/o members to consense on new ones?

2) With regard to number 2 above, I need some more convincing that
Noisebridge has seen sufficient numbers of bullshit proxy blocks to
warrant the proposed action. Can we produce a list documenting proxy
blocks in the past year? And scrutinize the list to discern the bullshit
proxy blocks from the good proxy blocks?

3) What is consensus with a quorum of zero?

A concerned denizen of the Peoples' Republic of Nosiebridge

[0] https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Current_consensus_items
[1] https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Meeting_Notes_2014_10_07
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