[Noisebridge-discuss] Circuit Hacking Monday 27-Oct

Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 25 20:40:23 UTC 2014

Circuit Hacking Monday 
27-October, 7:30pm
at Noisebridge 
All ages, all skill levels.  All welcome!
This will be the last CHM that I will lead before leaving town for 6 weeks.  Others will lead CHM every Monday while I am gone.  --  Mitch.

Lots of cool kits!  

All designed for the total beginner to complete successfully in an evening, yet cool enough and intriguing enough for the total expert -- including:
 * TV-B-Gone kit -- turn off TVs in public places -- up to 50 meters away! 
 * Brain Machine kit -- meditate, hallucinate, trip out! 
 * Trippy RGB Waves kit -- make waves of colors with your hands! 
 * Diavolino kit -- Arduino clone! 
 * LoL Shield kit -- Lots of LEDs will do your bidding! 
 * "HELLO my Name Is..." Badge kit -- just like the sticker, but way geekier! 
 * MiniPOV kit -- display messages in the air!  Now also in full color! 
 * Drawdio kit -- make noise as you draw! 
 * MintyBoost kit -- recharge your phone anywhere you go (including iPhones)! 
 * Atari Punk Console kit -- simple music synthesizer! 
 * LEDcube kit -- low-key 3D animation display! 
 * USBtinyISP kit -- program all your microcontrollers! 
 * and more! . . . 

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