[Noisebridge-discuss] BITalino Kickstarter brings biohacking for everybody

BITalino World bitalinoworld at plux.info
Sat Oct 25 20:42:43 UTC 2014

Dear all,

BITalino has just launched on Kickstarter to bring “power to the people”
for biohacking and building of next-generation wearable health tracking

This campaign aims at the development of smaller form factors, new
ultra-low cost boards, flexible electronics, and many other goodies.

In little over a year, BITalino has grown to become the low-cost DIY body
sensing toolkit of choice for 1200+ people to create next-generation
wearables and health tracking apps. At launch we were covered by WIRED,
TechCrunch & Engadget:


We’d be honoured to have you as our backer, and eternally grateful for any
help you could give us in spreading the word about our campaign.

Contact us at bitalino at plux.info for any question you may have or to setup
a Skype of Hangout to learn more about BITalino.

Best regards,
*The BITalino Team*
DiY Body Signals

Av. 5 de Outubro, n.70 - 8
1050-059 Lisboa

T: +351 211 956 542
T: +351 211 956 546

W: www.bitalino.com
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