[Noisebridge-discuss] Visit to Noisebridge

Alroy Almeida alroy at volterainc.com
Tue Oct 28 15:55:20 UTC 2014

Hey everyone!

I've been to SF a few times this year but to my frustration, haven't been
able to make it to Noisebridge.  If you don't mind a few Canadians around,
a few of us were hoping to come by on Monday at 6PM and also stick around
for Circuit Hacking Mondays!

We're working on a printer that can print circuit boards
<http://www.volterainc.com/> (on FR4), dispense solder paste, and reflow
components.  I was chatting about it with Mitch a few weeks ago he
encouraged me to come by and get feedback from the Noisebridge community.
If you're around next Monday, you will be the first people to ever see our
newest prototype and we're hoping you could tell us what you think.

I just realized we don't have very good pictures up on the site but we will
have some stuff we printed with us when we come by.  Super excited to meet
all of you!!

Feel free to ping me at alroy at volterainc.com

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