[Noisebridge-discuss] Someone working on interesting wearable projects?

Maria Halkilahti maria.halkilahti at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 12:50:27 UTC 2014

Hello! Is some of you or your friends working on interesting wearable projects? And even better, have an ecological / sustainable perspective in it?

 I’m a photographer from Finland and coming to San Francisco with a journalist  in September 16th-27th. We’ll write articles about environment related topics and one point of view is how wearable tech could help people for more sustainable lifestyles (encourage, help measure, help to save energy, minimise waste..). But we’re happy to see also other interesting projects, so bring it on! 

You can email me maria.halkilahti at gmail.com
We could set the date so that we could visit Noisebridge, see many of you, interview and take some photos. 


Maria Halkilahti

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