[Noisebridge-discuss] Documentation Working Group

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Sat Sep 6 02:55:57 UTC 2014

Hi, noisebridge.

Did you know that Noisebridge has a Manual?


In the last few months, it has grown to be a very respectable size, along with 
a handful of other tools popping up to assist in the general goal of 
transparency, coordination, and answering questions about things; AKA 

Also, I was given a pretty big list of "duties" and "responsibilities" when 
Tom Lowenthal bit me as part of the secretation process. Eff that noise. I'd 
rather hack a thing.


I am starting a Working Group that focuses on Good Documentation at 
Noisebridge. I even made a cute wiki page for it:


As it says right on the tin: The purpose of the Documentation Working Group is 
to encourage and maintain the documentation of noisebridge.

I think it'd be really swell to have a gathering of noisebridgers who are also 
as passionate about teaching others about noisebridge, disseminating 
information amongst ourselves, and of course: documentation. Lets say 
Thursday, September 18th, 2014 at 7PM?

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