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My manufacture makes really good LED lighting.  Unfortunately, it is only for the Chinese market, and not UL approved, which he tells me is required for the US.  He recommended buying UL approved lighting from eBay.  He said he would sell them to us, however, if we bought 100 or more. 

Could someone ask Neil about his opinion about the need for UL approval?  If Neil thinks it's OK, I can ask my manufacturer for pricing.  We should also ask Neil if he has a Chinese supplier to suggest. 


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Hi Rubin. Pirate Matt here. +1 for bringing up the lighting situation in the space. It is a concern and has been a thorn in the side of finalizing the Reboot effort. We originally had a plan for LED fixtures throughout the space but ran into supplier and cost problems. The option for those is still there, but the major concern was time. We want to get the space inspected and approved as soon as possible, which is why we put in those horrible, energy consumptive bulbs, as the infrastructure for those lights will absolutely pass inspection, if not pretty. Once the inspection is done (we are pushing for the end of September) the plan was to concentrate on installing better work light and creating lighting zones within the space to curtail energy usage and optimize lighting within these zones. I hope this helps in understanding the current situation and aids in the planning and implementation of a better lighting system. We also have our electrician Neil to tap for advice and suppliers. I know that he and Mitch had spoken about sourcing LED bulbs directly from China. Maybe get with them and see where they are with it? 
On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 12:34 PM, Rubin Abdi <rubin at starset.net> wrote:
Noisebridge has a lighting problem. The house lights are single bulb

outlets that are janky, harsh, and don't provide a lot of light. I would

like to throw some effort into fixing them, but feel like there are

plenty of opinionated people willing to fight tooth and nail about their

beliefs behind such things.

So let's discussion solutions for lighting fixtures and actual lights...


* Serviceable by Noisebridge with no real technical knowledge on how to

make electronics go, so the form factor will be light bulbs (E26)

* Low power consumption

* Most light

* Lighting isn't harsh

* Affordable and long lasting, under $20 for a bulb that can last at

least 10 years

The Philips bulbs are good except for price...


Fixtures are a different matter. I think having 3 bulbs per spot where

the current house lights are at makes sense, but I haven't really found

anything good. This is the closest but I don't think having it be a spot

light is super helpful...


So, who's got suggestions and neat links?



rubin at starset.net


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