[Noisebridge-discuss] Small group at noisebridge

Patrick O'Doherty p at trickod.com
Thu Aug 6 22:06:21 UTC 2015

hey Bashir,

that sounds like a really neat project, and an excellent use of the space!

have you documented your project thus far? would be curious to read
about it :)


On 8/6/15 1:53 PM, Bashir Ziady wrote:
> Hi All,
> Some friends of mine and I are building remote controlled fighting
> blimps as art for burning man this year and we were thinking about doing
> a build day at Noisebridge. We thought it would be a good idea to check
> before just doing it. It is likely going to be about 5 people for an
> evening soldering, cutting, and gluing. Obviously we would try to avoid
> the busier scheduled nights and try not to get in the way.
> If this sounds good, we will go ahead and do it unless there are any
> objections?
> Thanks,
> -Bash 
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