[Noisebridge-discuss] Adam no longer welcome at Noisebridge

Patrick O'Doherty p at trickod.com
Tue Dec 1 20:44:25 UTC 2015

Hey all,

First off: Adam: should you want your art back you have until this day
next week to arrange to pick it up. Any art left in the space at that
point will be dumped. You may *not* enter the space to pick it up.
Contact me first before arriving at the space. My wiki page has all my
contact information.

Just a heads up that Adam returned to the space today, and with him
brought the bag of Mari's that had been stolen from the project shelves
last week.

Mari mentioned this to Adam, along with the fact that he was supposedly
on a break from the space. Adam became enraged at this, and began
screaming at Mari for her "power tripping". Mari and others immediately
asked him to leave the space.

Adam has a history of misusing the space for his "art", most notably
making a complete mess of the Turing classroom by painting every
available surface (floor, ceiling, walls) and causing paint damage to
items in the classroom. This on top of stashing large piles of art in
hard to find places in the space in the hopes they'd not be found. Adam
had volunteered to take a break from the space but clearly failed to
keep this promise.

Adam is not welcome back in Noisebridge under any circumstances and
should be turned away at the door.

He's been added to the 86 page https://noisebridge.net/wiki/86


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