[Noisebridge-discuss] suspicious person named "Lance" late at night

Zach R organicunity at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 24 02:15:46 UTC 2015

Hey folks,

  Just giving a minor heads up to the community about someone that came in late on Monday night.  I was hacking with a couple people and one of them went for a burrito and when he came back this guy Lance let himself in at 11pm.  My friend hadn't been to NB for a while so didn't know the new rules.

I told Lance we were technically closing and his response was pretty pushy.  So I said OK, I'll be leaving in about an hour.  He seemed peeved at this and went straight to the computer terminals for the remainder of the time.

After 45-50 min another NB member and I asked Lance to leave since we were leaving and closing up the space.  He was very pissy at this and said it wasn't an hour yet. The other member and I explained to him the rules.  Honestly, if I was alone I would have been a little afraid for my safety given his attitude and (imo) was apparently on some substance.

With reluctance and 2 members talking to him he finally decided to leave after saying "oh it's just ME that has to go, huh?"  We explained to him that it was late, we had never seen him in the space before, and we were all leaving very soon.

I closed up shortly after so things were OK.  Just a headsup, this guy was pretty sketchy.  He has a studded ear ring on one ear, medium height and dark hair, goes by the name "Lance."

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